Pension Credit Win

Pension Credit Win In June 2013 Robinson Wilson Solicitors acted on behalf of a claimant in a pension credit appeal and won. By way of background, the claimant’s claim for pension credit was rejected on the grounds that the claimant should make a joint claim for pension credit with the individual he cared for. The […]

Unfair dismissal Victory in Employment tribunal

We recently represented a former employee of Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust, in the employment tribunal and won. The claimant brought a claim of age discrimination in an unfair dismissal and age discrimination case. The panel of judges decided that the claimant had been unfairly dismissed and they also awarded the claimant a […]

Bedroom Tax Victory – First Steps

On 20 September 2013 Robinson Wilson Solicitors assisted in securing a First Tier tribunal regarding the Housing benefit under occupancy regulations, commonly know as ‘bedroom tax’. By way of background, the local authority, in this case, Westminster made a decision in March 2013 that the appellant (assisted by Robinson Wilson Solicitors) had one additional bedroom […]