Wills, Trusts and Probate

Robinson Wilson Solicitors specialise in a range of private client matters including:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Will drafting
  • Probate and administration of Estate
  • Deputyship
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Trusts


Whether someone has died with or without a will, we can provide you with expert legal advice and give you clear and practical solutions to resolve your matter.
We understand that the process of probate and administering an estate can be difficult and sometimes complex, whether you require advice on how to apply for probate or if you would like us to administer the estate on your behalf, our expert team at Robinson Wilson Solicitors are here to help.

Our Probate Team

  • Mrs Coral Williams – Solicitor
  • Miss Foirell Tyndale- Solicitor
  • Miss Lauryn Williams- Senior Paralegal

Contentious Probate:

  • Mr Sefton Miller- Lawyer

International Probate:

  • Mrs Coral Williams – Solicitor
  • Miss Alisha Clarke- Senior paralegal

We can assist with the following probate issues

  • Advising on a Will or Intestacy rules
  • Obtaining valuations for inheritance tax & preparing
  • Inheritance tax account and estate accounts
  • Applying for the Grant of Probate
  • Deeds of Variation
  • Property transfers and distribution of assets
  • Contentious probate

Probate Fees

We make it clear from your initial appointment all the costs involved in your matter. At Robinson Wilson Solicitors we always ensure that our clients are kept informed about their matter whether it’s about costs or how it is progressing.
Robinson Wilson Solicitors has an experienced private client department. Our lawyers have expertise in various fields including probate and the administration of estates.

Our hourly rates range between £165 per hour (for a paralegal) to £350 per hour (for a solicitor) plus 20% VAT.

A straightforward probate matters, usually cost between £3,000 to £5000 plus 20% VAT.

A straightforward probate matter would include consideration of the following: (not exhaustive list)

  • A valid Will and or validity of a Will
  • 1 main property, with no title issues
  • Few bank or building society accounts, shares and or national premium bonds with a share certificate.
  • No other assets
  • Few beneficiaries
  • No contentious issues between the beneficiaries
  • No claims made against the Estate

If there is inheritance tax to pay and the executors will need to submit a full account to HMRC, then the matter will be more complicated which will be reflected in our fee. Where the estate is subject to inheritance tax the probate matter will not be completely straightforward thus, it will lean towards attracting a fee of £5000 to £12,000 plus vat (20% VAT).

Where the matter is more complex our fee shall be £12,000 and upwards plus vat (20% VAT). An example of how our fees will increase are where an executor has issues with raising funds to pay inheritance tax / where the matter becomes contentious / claims are made against the estate.


Disbursements will also be payable. These are costs payable to third parties, such as the Probate Registry.

  1. Probate application fee of £273 (+ court sealed copies of the Grant of Representation @ £1.50 per copy): £273 + copies
  2. Bankruptcy Search Fee (per search): £2
  3. Post in the London Gazette and local newspaper (to protect the Estate against claims from unknown creditors): Approximately £300 + 20% VAT
  4. Surveyor’s fees (to provide a formal probate valuation of a property): TBC but typically in excess of £200 upwards plus 20% VAT

How long will the administration of the Estate take?

Grant of Probate takes around 12 weeks. Straightforward estates can be concluded within a matter of a few months. Complex estates take around timeframe is approximately 6-12 months.