Property & Housing Law

Our firm handles a number of property transactions, both residential and commercial. This includes a wide range of property applications that are made to the Land Registry. This includes: 

  • Property Transfers 
  • Lease Extensions
  • Commercial leases
  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Death of Joint Proprietor Applications


In landlord and tenant law we act for both claimant and defendant, this gives us valuable insight into the other parties’ tactics. We have extensive experience acting for individuals in social housing dealing in matters concerning: 

  • Succession and Assignment
  • Major works and service charges
  • Housing disrepair issues
  • Possession cases


In homelessness law we act for the applicant, we recognise the fundamental importance that suitable accommodation has on the individual, having a roof over one’s head changes lives. Decent homes improve lives. The sole practitioner has had many successes in homelessness law and landlord and tenant law. In housing/homelessness law, Coral Williams has had victory against negative homelessness and priorty need decisions. Coral Williams has also won succession cases and possession cases when acting for the defendant.

We offer highly competitive fees for our services.